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Jeff Cooper

voicemails from transfered calls do not show outside number

I noticed across a couple of my more recent phone system installations (uc540/uc560 - 8.6) that voicemails left when a call is transfered to an extension do not have the outside callers number, but the extension of the person transfering the call.  How do we get this to reflect the number of the outside caller and not the transfering extension?   When reception answers and transfers to employees, would be nice if the voicemails left by callers are their outside numbers and not always the receptionist.


paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

I assume you are referring to transfer to VM using TrnsfVM softkey. (Incidentally, I found that.with a buggy version older than latest15.1(4)M5, pressing TrnsfVM after entering number, had no effect.)

I did a quick test, from my phone called CUE "prompt management" number, then transferred to my own mailbox.

When checking VM, it was announced to have been left by said "prompt management" number.

The SIP trace was consistent, so everything worked as expected.

Then I did another test, doing a blind transfer and the call went to VM by call forward no answer. Again it worked correctly, with transferred number being announced, not the transferring number.


I have a system running software pack 8.6.0 on UC520 and when CUE fowards message to email, I have confirmed that when an incoming call is answered and transferred to an extension where no one answers, the email field "Message From:" contains the transferring extension instead of the incoming caller-id.  I have not yet tested other versions, but wanted to verify this is an annoying problem.

yeah, it happens with general transfers - but as well with transfer to vm.   Receptionist fields a call, transfers to an extension to be answered.  Employee isn't at the phone to answer, so it goes to voicemail.  Voicemail reflects receptionists extension and not the outside callers number.  Users of last couple installs have started to complain more and more.   Yes, annoying.  Various phone systems I've been replacing would reflect the outside callers phone number on the voicemail.  Last couple installs, no outside caller number is reflected on a transfered call, only the person transfering, even if it's the receptionist answering the main line(s).  And honestly, I've only started/hearing the issue with 8.6 on our uc540s and uc560s..  There must be a tweak somewhere being missed to make this behave properly.  I hope this is fixable     I'll give it a couple more days in the forums and then I'm obligated to call using one of the systems warranties.  I just haven't had time to make that call and go thru tech supports troubleshooting. 

responding to Paolo:

thru your tests, your confirming the annoying issue with the caller-id not showing the outside caller on transfered calls ending in voicemail. You're suggesting this is expected, proper and standard behavior with 8.6?   It's certainly an annoying "feature" if so.

Actually I'm not saying that, I'm saying what I'm saying in my message above, please read it again.

ok first message - you assumed i meant transfrvm albeit incorrect - and you say you get same results testing with your prompt management ext. and you verify thru SIP that it's proper operation.   so really your first response isn't applicable except to say, thru your logging, you feel it's operating correctly..  which you feel is expected behavior then

second message is something about languages that doesn't make sense and i'm not sure how it applies to this thread.

still looking for assistance.. thanks

Sorry, I have removed an unrelated messages that was posted by mistake.

And I edited my first message above to clarify its meaning.