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William Gucciard

VoIP remote Wireless Access point...

Hi All,

I've recently set up a UC320w and wanted to connect a SPA525G2 phone via the wireless.  Based on where the FXO ports come into the building the AP on the UC320 isn't sufficient to cover the area I need.  That being said, I do have a SA520w that is centrally located and has enough signal to cover the whole area I need.  Unforturnately from what I have researched the UC320 configures the phone, and there isn't any way to tell it about another access point or configure the phone to connect to an alternate?  The phone has the capability for up to 3 AP profiles so why doesn't the phone system allow this capability?

2 Questions:

First - is there any way to work around this (other than extending the FXO lines to deploy the UC320 more centrally)?

Second - Is this a capability that will be in a future firmware release (and if possible when)?

Thanks in advance, Bill


I'm not a Cisco rep, but hope that I can assist.

My understanding is that the key is ensuring the phones remain on VLAN 100.  You should be able to deplay an access point that connects to VLAN 100. Everything should work if you setup a SSID specifically for the phones only and tied to VLAN 100, you don't want data on this SSID or VLAN.  Then as long as VLAN 100 can freely flow form your AP to your UC320 you should be golden.

Christopher Edgeworth
Frequent Contributor

Hi William,

One option that may work (read untested) is this:

Configure an AP such as the AP541N that is connected to the UC320W LAN side with (tagged) VLAN 100  that is associated with the same SSID as configured on the UC320W for Voice.

The voice SSID configuration on the AP needs to have the exact same settings as the UC320W Voice:  SSID, Encryption (none, WEP, WPA2 Personal (AES),  password.

If the AP can do another SSID, you can follow the same instruction for untagged VLAN 1 for the Data traffic.

I don't think you can use the SA520W in your case because it would put the phones on the wrong subnet and they wouldn't be able to register.

We do have a pending feature request to allow for non-UC320W based SSID/Encryption/password to be configured in the phone's profile from the Configuration Utility.

Hope this helps.