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Mario Garcia

Volume Issues with Speakerphone on FXO lines

UC320 with 6 FXO lines

Volume on speakerphone when on a call via FXO line is horrible you can barely hear the other caller.

Extension to extension calls are fine.

If you connect a plain analog phone with speaker functionality that you purchase from Radioshack the volume levels are fine.

Recommendations?  Called SBSC and they said they have to escalate to development.

Mario Garcia

Volume when using the handset is fine...only issue when on speaker

SPA508G phones

Hi Mario,

Have you performed the impedance matching on the FXO lines?

On a phone where the handset volume sounds good on a PSTN call, if you go to adjust the volume for the handset where on the "thermometer" is the volume level appearing (low, mid, high)?  If the volume level in handset mode is high, you may need to increase the FXO receive (RX) gain setting.

What is the enviornment like where the phones are that are having the speaker phone volume problems?  Is there a lot of background noise?

Are the phones on the voice VLAN IP range?

Hope this helps.


Mario Garcia

Hi Chris,

The phones are on their own voice vlan on a SF-300. Even connecting the 508Gs directly to UC with power supply we get the same poor speaker volume. Impedance has been matched. The receive gain has been adjust and still poor speaker volume. Speaker volume is low in a quite office with no background noise.

Can I get that release today? Customer is returning system if we do not have a resolution by end of business today.

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