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VPN and CIPC in 64 bit -- any solutions coming soon?

I have a customer that we sold 8 CIPCs to and they are just now discovering that they run 64bit software on their laptops… We’re supposed to install them Tues 9/8 UGH! So, my questions are as follows: 1) Does the CIPC work in a 64 bit environment ( I think no) 2) IF it did, we know the VPN client doesn’t, so how would they accomplish running the CIPC ( may not matter if #1 is a no)- would windows VPN client work with CIPC? 3) Are there any ED or Beta versions of CIPC and/or VPN Client that run 64 bit? 4) When does Cisco plan to have 64 bit compatible CIPC and VPN? 5) Is there a CIPC for a Mac – or any plan to soon? Your answers will help me steer my project in the right direction- I really appreciate it !

Marcos Hernandez

Hi Stacy,

Cisco IP Communicator Vista 64Bit support is on the roadmap, but not committed. We do not have early code and cannot comment on tentative release dates. Also, there are no plans to support CIPC on the Mac.



The UC500 is targeted to Small Businesses.  The SBs are most likely to be running x64.  And it is gettng hard to find pcs without being x64.

Seems like Cisco is WAY behind in supporting x64!!

I know that you can still buy Latitude and Vostro laptops and OptiPlex and Vostro desktops from Dell with 32-bit versions of Windows 7 pre-loaded. HP and Lenovo also continue to sell business desktops and business laptops with 32-bit versions of Windows 7 pre-loaded.

David Trad
Rising star

Hi Stacy,

Have you tried installing CIPC in 32bit mode on the 64bit system?

You can also use anyconnect for the 64bit VPN connection as well, but you might need the appropriate license or capabilities on the appliance to use it.

Just a thought.



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CIPC works fine in x64 Vista and Windows 7  except for the CDP driver ( you will get an error every time you open it) and that only really matters in Enterprise Deployments with Emergency Responder. It installs fine and no workarounds are necessary

I've got customer with Vista Home Premium x64 running CIPC 2.x & it registers then unregisters over & over.  I'm having them install vers 7.0.3 & we'll see what happens.

I have used 7.0.1 through 7.0.3 and all worked fine besides the caveat in my previous post.


Cisco IPSEC client does not support 64-bit and no one knows why. The Anyconnect client only seems to work on SSL (maybe with certificate IPSEC, but we have not tested that) - someone can correct me if necessary. Therefore, we have used a 3rd party product ( on all our 64-bit systems- VISTA and Windows 7. This is especially necessary for 1 and 2-factor authentication designs for the IPSEC client. Use the latest beta release for 64-bit. It works great.

Sorry on the CIPC.


     Now it's very apparent that most OS is 64bit.

I am looking for Cisco's offical word on if CIPC works and is supported (equally important) on Windows 7 (64bit).

I know SSL allows us to do 64 bit, so now it's just CIPC concerning me.


Thank you !