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Warm Transfer using Cisco 7940 phone

I am the IT Manager for a call center that handles a lot of  sensitive issues.(Suicide and depression issues)  We use the Cisco UC560  with Cisco 7940 phones.  We need to be able to get a third party on the  line and then disconnect while leaving the caller and third party  connected.(Warm Transfer) Is this possible?  The only "Warm Transfer"  that I am aware of is the following:


Transferring A Call - (Warm  Transfer)
- press the 'more' softkey
- press the Trnsfer softkey  (the caller is placed on hold)
- dial the extension you wish to  transfer the call to
- wait for an answer and annouce the call
-  press the Trnsfer softkey to transfer the call


This method  requires placing the caller on hold in order to contact the third party.   This can not happen when dealing with such sensitive issues. Is there a  way to get another person on the line without placing them on hold?






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I guess this must be more difficult than I expected.  If it isn't possible to do a true attended transfer.(Caller never gets placed on hold).  Is there a way to do a conference call without placing the caller on hold.  The primary goal is to get the possibly suicidal caller from one operator to another without ever placing them on hold.  It would be preferred to have the first operator to be able to drop off the line after introductions are made but if need be it would be acceptable to have both operators on the call the entire time.


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