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WBNP Wireless adapter and issue voicemail access


I installed the wireless adapter on a SPA504G phone.  When I connect to the UC320 via wireless, the voicemail button does not function and I get feedback in the speaker.  If I make a hard connection to the UC320 the voicemail button works fine.

Any thoughts?

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Christopher Edgeworth
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor


Make sure that you have configured the wireless adapter to associate with the VOICE SSID configured on the UC320W and not the data SSID.  You will need to do this manually.  The WPS of the UC320W is associated with the data SSID in case you used WPS to configure the wireless adapter.

Do you have the same problem if you call the voicemail pilot number (default is ext 395)?


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I did setup it to go to the Data SSID.  But now I can't get into the device to modify or make changes.  Any ideas?  It appears the IP address changed.

If you are pretty networking-savvy, I find the easiest way to get the IP of Cisco devices is Wireshark.

If you plug directly into the UC320, and run a Wireshark capture while doing so, you should get some CDP packets.

Wireshark can decode those, and inside you will see a section called "Addresses" that contains the address information for the device.

Also, is the UC320 your gateway/router? If so, you can just do an "ipconfig /all" in windows commandline to see what your gateway's IP is.

That worked - did the ipconfig/all and then just had to guess on the WBPN IP address.  Tahnks

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