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Why are all my dates wrong?


All the SPA525G and SPA525G2 handsets we support on UC500s are showing the date as the 02/02/2012.Including our own!

None have an NTP server set, so they shouldn't be getting incorrect time data from anywhere.

SPA524s and SPA509s on the same systems seem fine.

The actual UC500s (mix of UC520 and 540s) have the correct date on them.

Any ideas?



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Same problem here ... any fix available ?

I can understand (maybe) waiting for almost a week for a fix. However, lack of a suggestion for a suitable work-around is inexcusable when customers are complaining and Cisco "partners" are hanging.

There is a beta patch they made available to me and that seemed to fix it.  It was emailed over the weekend, Saturday to be exact.

OK Cisco, where can we get ahold of this Beta firmware.  If I get another call from another client complaining about this, I am going to Nortel.


We now have a patch available to address this.  There are images based on 7.4.8 and 7.4.9c plus the patch.  I've tested them to confirm they're working.  For now, please open a case with SBSC so we can publish the images for you while we're working on getting the images published publically. 



Ryan Sweet

One of our customers also experienced this issue. I opened a case with Cisco SBSC and was given the spa525g-7-4-9c-p02 firmware. SBSC advised that this is beta firmware and reported that no release date for the full version of firmware is available. We're hesitant to move our customer to beta firmware so we're going to hold off for now.

One interesting thing is my own SPA525G which is running 7.4.9c but using straight SIP (not connected to a UC) has the correct time. 

Yes, the bug is only apparent when using SCCP.

Hi Ryan,

I wanted to clarify that the firmware you were given is the full firmware version and is not beta.  The patch files are 7.4.8/7.4.9c + the fix, so they should be fine to use.

Also, my understanding is that if a valid NTP server is set on the phone in SIP mode, the correct date is shown.  Do you have an NTP server set on your SPA525G using SIP?




Yes, my SIP SPA525G is using NTP and yes, the date is correct on that phone.

Can you provide additional details on the fixed firmware? I specifically asked the SBSC tech if the this was official release-ready firmware and was informed that it was not. If this is full, release-ready firmware, then why is it not being posted publicly as a new release? Can you provide an ETA on when this will be official?

We also had another customer complain of this issue today.

Hey Brandon, forgive me, but I'm not clear on the how to acquire the patch files you described.  Can you give a bit more information.



You just need to open a case with Cisco Small Business Support and refer to the Bug #CSCtx71387.

I usually just start a chat session from the above link.


The only temporary fix we can offer our customers is to roll back the UC by 1 day, this displays the correct date on the 525 handsets however break any reliance on schedules etc as the UC has the incorrect date.

On March 1st (When this apparently will not be a problem) we will have to roll forward again.

For what it's worth, our 525G phones showed 3/1/12 all day yesterday, 2/29/12. This was the first day we noticed the problem. The 504G phones we have showed the correct date, 2/29.

Today, all phones display 3/1. Phone call logs misidentify yesterday's calls as 3/1 however on 525G phones.

We did not apply any firmware patches or advance the system date.

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