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Why do I have to press the incoming line several times to answer? Phone Model: SPA504G

Phone Model: SPA504G

When receiving an incoming call, the phone rings and the open line light flashes green. When I pick up the phone handset, the active line light turns red for a few seconds, then goes out. I don't hear anything, nor can the incoming caller hear me, until I press the active line button only after the red light has gone out after picking up the handset and waiting a few seconds.

Similarly, if the phone rings and I pick up the handset and press the active line button immediately after picking up, I then need to press that same line button 2 or 3 more times to be able to speak to/hear the caller. (Only way I can visualize it is opening the line too early, then closing it, then opening it again).

What is wrong with either the network connection or phone settings that may cause the phone not to answer immediately when I simply pick up the handset?

Thank you very much for your help.


Is this happening to all the phones registered to the CallManager?

u may want to check the application logs on the subsriber, they will give u an indication of what the error could be. sounds like signaling to your sub is degredated in some way.

I suppose so. It's a small company with 6 phones connected to the central box. Each phone responds the same way:  Either we wait several seconds for the red line in use light to go out, then press that button and we can successuflly talk, or we pickup and press the button 3 or 4 times to get a successful connection.

I've been attempting to learn the software with a little, however slow, progress.

We do have dynamic IPs for the phones, and I'd read in a similar (although not exactly the same) post, to which the response was that the dynamic IPs were causing a loss of the call while the phone is talking to the server to make sure it has the right IP.

This may have nothing to do with our problem though.

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