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Cisco Employee

Why is Voicemail Box Full on BE3000?

Hi.  A user has 2 voicemails in their mailbox and the system says their voicemail is full.  What is suggested to expand the user’s voicemail storage?

** Partner Question on 8.6.3**

Cisco Employee

Re: Why is Voicemail Box Full on BE3000?

Has this user received a lot of voicemail messages in the past few days and deleted some of them? The default BE3K behavior is a soft delete ie. that the messages are marked as deleted and moved to the Deleted Items folder . As long as the messages are still in the Deleted Items folder, they is still recoverable by the user but they  count towards the voicemail box storage. From the voicemail Main Menu, the user can press 3 for old messages , then press 2211 to erase/hard delete all these voice messages (This key sequence can also be pressed  at once without pausing if they prefer: 32211 ).

********* Followup Question from Partner ***********************************

Thanks.  This is a power user with lots of VM’s.  Would you happen to know after how much time the system cleans up the “soft delete” bucket so that the user doesn’t have to manually clean out the old VM’s?


It is set to 15 days.