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WIP310 Fails To Re-Register.

Customer has several WIP310 connected wirelessly to an accesspoint and then to a internal PBX Tribox V2.6.22. Using Teliax ITSP.

The phones work great for a while but randomly fail to re-register. The only way for it to work again is to power cycle the device.   Customer has tried three diferent access point in order to elimate the possibility of bad wireless connectivity. Has latest firmware 5.0.11
Please advice in any way possible thanks in advance.
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Might be a total fluke as I have no idea what most of you are talking about, but after trying all of the recomended changes in this form (to the best of my admittedly limited ability), I decided to try different DNS servers from those provided by my a ISP (Rogers, in Toronto).  I ran Namebench and it recomneded primary and secondary DNS based on my location.  Made the changes on my router - and registered the same changes on the web ui and have not had a disconnect in 24 hours.

Will let you know if that changes..  but so far so good.

Is it possible that Rogers - a big telco - would cause DNS issues for parties attempting to connect to VOIP services?


We have local DNS Servers, so it can't be an issue. Anyway, in the most calls dropps the line. We will buy a lot of this fone's but now, nobody can use it, because the call drops. We try all, spend a lot of time in it. Echt schade...



My phones sits in the junk drawer along with equipment from other vendors that disappointed me and are on a "no buy" list for my company.

Fixes that don't work, promised upgrades that never appear; tech companies are only allowed to disappoint me once.

I expect, with this kind of failure, they'll probably come up with a hardware upgrade and leave guys like us in the dust. The phone simply doesn't work. Does Cisco?


Unfortunately, that's where my WIP310 sits too, in the junk drawer. However, I am hoping that a company like Cisco will stand by their product and eventually release a firmware update that will address the seemingly VERY common problems of this phone. Perhaps the delay in releasing the firmware means they are looking to get it right? Here's to wishful thinking...


It's 9 days later and the phone has not lost its connection once.

the only thing that I changed was DNS servers.  Not sure if that's worth anything, but given the frustration everyone experiences with this phone, any info on a positive experience must be of some value.



ALSO - No dropped calls.



Having noted your comments regarding changing the DNS settings, over two weeks ago my office IT technician changed the settings on my WIP310 to (open DNS).

Since then I have suffered no dropped connections & no de-registration.

The phone is now working as I had envisaged when I purchased it, with excellent sound quality.



I love the phone, but it is a bit erratic! I have observed several issues:

  1. It doesn’t seem cover the full 802.11b/g UK spectrum (doesn’t work on channel 13)
  2. The radio seems a bit ‘deaf’ compared to other wireless devices
  3. Call’s do drop out quite regularly
  4. Phone often needs re-booted before it manages SIP registration

I remember reading that a new firmware was due (months ago) but no sign of it yet; anyone heard anything about that?




Well, still no news about this issue ?

Our customer bought about 5 WIP310G2, and still can't use them since more than a year, using a linksys AP, you feel that's normal ?

Where is this famous new firmware ?!

It's really disappointing from cisco...

Hope having news very quickly, and now I have a SPA962 not working...


Have been picking over this thread with interest - and noted the "this only happens on Trixbox" type comments. Well - it also happens on 3CX!

I have applied the SIP setting changes and also reduced the backlight Off timer to zero which does seem to have extended the time before loss of registration. But - I'm awaiting Cisco's fix with anticipation - otherwise, I'm certainly not getting more WIP 310's!!!

Cisco - you are are better than this ... please ...


I'm also experiencing the same issues with 3CX randomly de-registering and dropping calls and have had the following results with suggested fixes:


By installing the alpha firmware posted by Patrick in December I can now keep the phone registered, but only if the 'Screen Off' setting is set to never. This makes the battery life useless so it is not really a fix at all.


I have so far had no success in preventing calls being dropped, which generally happens between 1 and 2 minutes into a conversation.

Patrick / Cisco - are there any developments at all?


Update re above post.

I have now fixed the issue of dropping calls (I think... it has worked for over 45 mins continuous calls so far).

This was by changing the wireless encryption to a WPA2 with a key which has less than 10 characters, as per a suggestion from a post from many months ago... it appears the phone can't handle the encryption of WPA2 with more than 10 characters (my last PSK was 14 chars).

It still de-registers if the screen off power save is enabled, but at least the unit is somewhat useable now. If anyone has managed to fix the de-registering problem without turning off the screen power saver I would really appreciate hearing how you did it.



I'm the one who posted that info.

Up until now, my customer still uses the WIP310 with no big issues, the only "but" is that he can't roam between AP's, as the call drops when the transition occurs. But it's a usable phone.


Thanks tiagoaviz... That really was good info and I thought it had cracked the problem yesterday, however it's been dropping about 3 out of every 4 calls randomly today, usually about 2 to 3 minutes into calls.

I am all out of ideas here. My setup is:

WIP310 <-- wifi --> Airport Extreme -- ADSL modem <-- INTERNET --> ADSL modem -- Netgear ProSafe Firewall -- Netgear ProSafe Switch -- 3CX server

I have Linksys SPA921s working fine with this setup, and a good bunch of SPA941s at the server side of the internet connection working perfectly, although this is the first wireless phone I've added. The issue appears to be with the WiFi - maybe the WIP310 isn't good friends with the Airport Extreme?

I have tried the new firmware, adjusting the SIP timers, reducing the WPA2 PSK length, removing references to $VERSION, alternate DNS and STUN servers and I'm sure a few other things I've forgotten about. Nothing appears to result in stability.

There is also the issue that the screen off timer must be set to never or the unit de-registers which leaves me with about 3 hours battery life - much less than required.

If anyone has any further ideas that might save me throwing £150 away I would much appreciate them.



I too have the same issues with the WIP310 on an Allworx 6X system. Strong wifi signal, phones will register, but will lose registration and drop calls regularly. Customer has 7 units and wants us to take them out. This is a very complex installation on a 15000 square foot home and our reputation is lost on the installation because we can't get the phones working. At one time we were in contact with support and was sent firmware 5.0.11. We received one replacement phone with 5.0.12 and was told to load 5.0.11. Nothing works and now support won't return our calls. I am really surprised that a solution has not been found, after all this time. The customer works for a company that uses commercial Cisco sip phones that work for them so why can't Cisco get these to work.

I would really rather install new firmware than scrap 7 phones and start over again, at substantial cost to my company to try to recover my reputation.

This is the last Cisco product I will ever use.