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AnyConnect List of Gateways in Connection Tab

Some of our users (e.g. researchers, technicians,...) need to connect to multiple VPN Gateways outside the scope of our Installation, often alltogether  different companies. They find it tedious to manually change the gateway in the connection tab back and forth between our gateway and the gateways of the companies they have to log in to do a specific task.

Since the connection tab offers a drop down list (which contains only the last used entry) how is it possible for an end user to keep a record of used gateways to select from? Can the client be brought to remember previous connections?

I don't think that client profiles are of help because the actual list of gateways needed is specific to the respectivew user.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance,



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The solution to this is

The solution to this is dependent on the configuration of the various VPN concentrators to which your users connect and the client profile is, in fact, useful. When the AnyConnect client establishes a session the concentrator may present the client profile (or not if the profile is not configured) and the profile may specify the server address (or may not since it is an optional parameter). If there is a profile and if the profile specifies the server address then AnyConnect adds an entry in the pull down for that server. I use AnyConnect to connect to the networks of several different customers. In my AnyConnect client the pulldown has entries for 2 customers (that have the configured profile) and for the other customers I must key in the connection information when I want to connect.





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In addition to what Rick

In addition to what Rick correctly answered, you can manually build a profile file (or set of files) and save it in the users' proper local directory for those remote sites that don't publish a proper profile automatically.

The file locations vary by OS but for Windows 7 and 8 they are stored in: 

     C:\ProgramData\Cisco\Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client\Profile default.

The syntax is pretty simple. Something like this (substituting your desired host name and address) suffices:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<AnyConnectProfile xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" AnyConnectProfile.xsd">