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Anyconnect on iPhone - have to reinstall

Hello Everyone,

I am working on a solution that I would like to get some feedback on.

I few months ago we deployed iPhones with some of our employees. As part of this, we used the Cisco Anyconnect client on the iPhone. We have a Cisco ASA 5510 on our network and configured it as a certificate authority. So, I download the certificate with Internet Explorer and transfer it to the iPhone via the iPhone configuration utility. I then dowload the anyconnect app from the appstore and configure it to connect to our asa and use the certificate to authenticate. we also use the "connect on demand" feature. But, some users (who don't mind the manual connect) don't use it.

Overall, it seems to work okay. Usually it connects within a few seconds. Sometimes it takes 30-45 seconds. However, they report that they sometimes loose the ability to connect to the VPN. the anyconnect client tries to connect. But, it just spins and spins. I checked the logs on the ASA and there is no indication that it's trying to connect. The fix is to delete the anyconnect app and re-download/install it from the appstore. We typically have to do this every couple of weeks. it seems to be worse when the person flies to another State. All of our iPhone users have experienced this from time to time. All of our iPhone users are on Verizon.

Has anyone else had any troubles like this? Any suggestions or comments?


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Anyconnect on iPhone - have to reinstall


We've seen people with similar problems when migrating to and from 3G/wifi.

As far as I'm aware the fault is not on anyconnect side but underlying network, but just to be sure.

Can you make sure that debugging is enabled.

Anyconnect -> Statistics -> Diagnostics -> Debug Logs -> On

Now once some experiences the failure, just email the logs.

The best would be to open up a SR.

BTW, I assume that you've checked this with 2.4 .4019 ? It was release a few days ago.