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ASA SSL error message

Hi, so basically i'm getting the error message in the first image here while trying to connect to the client-SSL VPN i've setup here and i'm not quite sure what i'm doing wrong? I have no outside internet connectivity here it's all private hosts but i have done this before a few months back and got it working, my config all looks fine as well as my topology to but still no luck, i'm guessing it's DNS related but can't get to the bottom of it.

I've changed the group policy to alter the DNS vale from to nothing and even messed about with the host files on the Windows 7 machine to but still nothing, has anyone does this before and would be able to help me out with why i'm getting that error message?

Keep in mind to that the Windows 7 machine can communicate with the outside interface on the ASA and there are no connectivity issues anywhere in the lab, i also have a DNS server setup on the Windows 2012 server but havent done anything with it.

Thanks in advance everyone.


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Re: ASA SSL error message

UPDATE: Since my last post I changed the DNS address on the group policy to and it was the same thing sadly.


What should i be changing then? My Windows 7 machines DNS server or the group policy DNS server address to my Server 2012 machine? Keep in mind though I have a DNS server installed on the Server 2012 machine but no DNS records or anything on it. What should I change on the Server 2012 DNS server?

Thanks again