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ASA VPN RADIUS 25 Attirbute

When trying to follow


If we remove the list profiles option we get the error no IP address assign, and connection fails


If we leave select a profile then each of the profiles connects ok.


But my contractors could select employees and visa versa.


As a first point can someone clarify if its Name=Class and Value should return 'ou=Contractors;' or 'Contractors'


VIP Advocate

Re: ASA VPN RADIUS 25 Attirbute

IF you remove the list profiles option, the users would be falling under the DefaultWebVPN group connection profile. In your case, I think you need to set up 1 Connection profile so that users can fall into that and get a different group-policy based on AD. The steps to do this:


1) Set up a Connection profile say "AnyConnect VPN"

2) Set the group-url to "https://<ASA-fqdn>

3) Disable the list tunnel-group option.

4) Configure your group-policies per AD groups. Also create a Group-policy called "NoAccess" with simultaneous login =0. Assign this as defaul-group-policy for Connection-profile above.

5) Set your Radius Authorization condition to return "OU=<group-policy>" name per AD group. I believe you can also return just "<Group-policy-name".


User experience would be that they only see username and password field when they hit the ASA FQDN. Based on credentials, they will automatically receive group-policy and corresponding permissions set. IF they don't match any conditions specified by Radius, they hit the "NoAccess" group-policy and get denied access.