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Blocking internal Skype servers over Cisco Anyconnect

I have blocked all my internal Skype servers over my Anyconnect. While in the VPN the client can access Skype for business, Voice calls, Video, Screen Share, and Program share all work When more than 2 users are conferenced into Skype. The person on the VPN is able to send a file but is not able to receive a file. Now when there is only 2 people sharing then everything works perfectly. Has anyone else run into this issue and if so what did you do to resolve it? Or does anyone have any ideas.


Just so you know the reason we are doing this is because all Skype communication is encrypted anyway. Our client while on the VPN and on Skype are experiencing major delay and just all around poor performance because we have encryption inside encryption. Once I blocked all the internal Skype servers the performance dramatically increased. The only issue we have is the person/people on the VPN can't receive shared files. They can however send files. This is also only in conference mode with 3 or more. When 2 people are speaking I  know it is a peer to peer connection so I understand why it works that way. What I don't understand is why when 3 or more they see shared screens and programs and voice and video work fine. They can also share files themselves but they can't receive the file. Also so you know when the file is sent the person on the VPN gets the option to open but that is all that happens. There is not even a error that comes up. You see what appears to be a download progress bar but nothing happens.


Any ideas would be great. Is there a setting in Skype that needs to be changed or does this seem like a firewall issue?

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Re: Blocking internal Skype servers over Cisco Anyconnect


I'm moving this discussoin to the Security Community where it belongs.This will ensure faster response and greater visibility.