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Cisco 871 - Easy VPN Configuration Questions

I recently received a Cisco 871 and from what I have read it is capable of being setup as a remote VPN server. I am having a little bit of difficulty finding a good step by step setup process, maybe something that explains what each thing means as it's entered.

I was referencing these two documentation but I don't seem to be progressing, or at least don't feel I am.



I need to setup a PTP VPN server using the Cisco 871. This is how I currently have my network setup which may be causing an issue:

Verizon ViOS Router*1 lan port-> Linksys 5 port unmanaged switch/hub*2  -> Into WAN (FE4) Cisco 871

*1) From what I understand I need to have the Verizon router in place so the set top boxes have Internet for VOD and guide updates.

*2) I need this in place due to having a machine in my basement which I SSH into to console the Cisco 871. Since the Cisco is not configured yet I have the Linksys switch in place to give them both Internet.

* This is the Verizon router -

* I tried setting the WAN (FE4) address to LAN .50 and forwarding port 1723 which I believe is for PPTP.

* Here is a pastebin of my running config -

* Other sites I referenced:



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Cisco 871 - Easy VPN Configuration Questions

I thought I included this link as it is the main thing I have been working off of:


Cisco 871 - Easy VPN Configuration Questions

Since this thread is dead anyway: I ended up resetting my config and having Verizon enable the Ethernet Hub port on the network terminal so that I could remove their equipment from the mix. Now my 871 receives the WAN address and I am in the process of re configuring the VPN.