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Cisco ASA 5505 VPN help for local lan access.

Hi all,

I am very new to Cisco systems. Recently I was tasked to enable local lan access for one of my server. The problem is this. I have this server with 2 interfaces. One interface to my FTP server( and the other to the Cisco ASA( Whenever I connect the server to Cisco Anyconnect VPN, I am unable to access the FTP server anymore.

I googled and found out that the problem is because the metric level is 1 for Ciscoanyconnect network interface which causes all traffic to go through the Cisco VPN Interface. Another problem is I can't change the metric of the Cisco VPN Interface as whenever I reconnect to the VPN, the metric resets back to 1 again. I tried to follow some guides to configure split tunnel but my traffic is still going through the VPN connection.

Anyone can tell me what I am missing here? Sorry I am very new to Cisco systems. Spent about 5 days troubleshooting and I feel I am getting it soon. Anyone can guide me what else I am supposed to do?

What I did> Configuration>> Remote access VPN>> Network Client Access>> Group Policies>> Advanced>> Split Tunneling>> Uncheck Inherit and select "Exclude Network List below.>> Uncheck Network List and select Manage, Add to permit.

Really appreciate if anyone can tell me what else I can do to ensure my server has access the my FTP Server after connecting to the VPN.

Thanks all!

Wen Qi