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distinguishing between certs for anyconnect VPN access

How can I distinguish between certificates for authorizing anyconnect VPN access?

Our certificates are being generated by microsoft with auto-enrollment. 

It appears as though you can apply different connection profiles based on the fields in the subject of the certificate..and then ultimately apply a group profile based on the connection profile....but the fields in the subject are being autopopulated by data from AD.

For example, we have certificate A which has a keylen of 1024...generate new certs with keylen of 2048.  We need to 1024 certs for another application so we cannot revoke/remove can I ensure VPN users can only authenticate with a 2048 Cert?

Or another use case...I install one cert on a notebook computer, and another one on a desktop.  I want to distinguish between the types of access I grant to a desktop Vs. a there a way to have anyconnect identify some unique parameter of the certificate so that authentication with one yields different results from authentication with the other?  Another possible use case for this could be trying to distinguish between a personally owned iphone and a corporate owned iphone....or a high security ipad used for specific applications only vs an end user BYOD ipad.


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