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DMVPN Hub with multiple tunnels?

We currently have DMVPN running with 1 Hub and 2 spokes. 

What we'd like to do on each of the spokes is have a backup wan connection as a failover in case the primary wan connection goes down.  The hub only has one wan connection currently 

My thought was to build additional tunnels on the hub and spokes to serve as the 'backup' routes.  So, for example, all of the devices would have Tunnel0, which is the main tunnel, then I would add Tunnels 1 and 2 on the hub - using a different nhrp subnet and then create Tunnel1 on spoke A and Tunnel2 on spoke B.

What I noticed though is that even before I did any change on our routing (it is all static), about a half hour after I brought up the secondary tunnel between the hub and spoke A, both spoke A and spoke B had suddenly shifted over to Tunnel1 from Tunnel0 (which caused their connections to drop).  I had configured each of the tunnels to use a different subnet (i.e.,, and had yet to change the routing at all.  They are all sharing the same crypto, so I'm am not sure if that is contributing to the problem.

Is there a step I am missing, or am I going about this the wrong way?

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