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DMVPN Throughput...


I'm looking at getting some more performance out of our existing DMVPN by upgrading the Hub and Branch routers. We have a 100Mbit connection between all of our sites and are running a DMVPN over the links. In the branches we currntly have 1841's and the Hub is a 2811. Right now our max throughbut is stuck around 14Mbits (due to the limited DMVPN processing power in the 1841... I think...). So my questions is this... Would upgrading the branch office 1841's to 1921's and the hub from the 2811 to the 2901 make much of a diference in the usable bandwidth between sites?

Let me know if you need any clarification,

Thanks in advance!!!


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Cisco Employee

DMVPN Throughput...


I think it's best you reach out to your Cisco SE for actual, thorough numbers.

All the numbers I could find... well let's just say that I could not guarantee they were taken under same circumstances.

If you want I can still provide them, but please remember those are not to be treated as any official numbers ;-)



DMVPN Throughput...

Thanks for the response Marcin.

If you could provide the links/numbers you were able to locate that would be great! Yep, I understand that they would only be theoretical numbers and depending on the situation they probably wont be exact, but at least it should give me a starting point.



Cisco Employee

DMVPN Throughput...


Sure, here goes. Those tests were done by one of Fathers of DMVPN as they are affectionally called... some of it back in 2004 ;-)

So with 50 tunnels a 2911 got 34 Mbit/s of throughput.

The number for 1841 with 10 tunnels is at around 6.5 Mbit/s (using AIM)

2811 20 tunnels ~ 6Mbit/s (using AIM).

Not that this is done as testing for hub, not really a full lab, just to give you some rough numbers to use as reference later on.

Please don't ask me for clarifications on the numbers or testing methodology I just don't have access to this.

The best way to get proper numbers is asking for them from your SE ;]

That being said, let me tell you about best practices.

- Unless you have less than 10 spokes, you might want to consider going for 39xx or 38xx (3945e got very nice results)

- use BGP for routing protocol - it scales well but is not supported on lower end platforms.

- on ISR g1 - AIM can give you additional 40-50% throughput.


DMVPN Throughput...

Thanks a bunch Marcin, this helps clear things up.  That being said, I will probably take your advice and speak with our SE prior to making any equipment upgrades.

Regarding the best practices... We only have about 7 spokes when all sites are online (usually just 5) and have been unsig EIGRP in the past. I think an AIM in the hub might be benificial... But I'll just leave that for the SE to decide.

Thanks Again!