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How to set up a VPN connection to a router trough internet

Hi all,

I have question (off course).

I have to set up a VPN connection to a router. The router is at a customer and it is connected to the internet. Whenever I have to give support on a system, I have to connect to their network in that IP range and be able to log in to a random system.

So the situation is as following.

Im at my office and I need to connect to a system of the customer. The customer is using a Cisco 3925 router that is connected to the internet and to the network I have to connect with. So I would like to use the router as a VPN server that grants access to their whole network :-)

What would be the best option to connect to the customer? I have tried a lot, like "easy vpn server" with CCP.

To make sure that the firewall is not blocking anything, I have reconfigured a new 3925 router.

Can somebody give me a link to a toturial including the configuration of the remote client(my laptop)?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Best regards.