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IPSLA between MPLS and S2S VPN

Hi Friends


My name is Deepthi and i work as a network admin. I am sorry if am troubling you with my message. I am working on MPLS, VPN and IPSLA.


I am new to the MPLS setups and everything and so this is getting super confused for me. Please do not mind my long mail.


I am currently working on 2 projects. 


1. Building a S2S vpn tunnel towards a AWS cloud network.

2. Building a S2S vpn as a back up when my BGP peer dies. ( planning to use IPSLA)



So, here, i had to build  a S2S tunnel from the fortigate towards the AWS cloud and then do the IPSLA from the ISR. So, it was hard and so, i decided to move my internet termination link to the ISR. 


So, once moved, i need to build both the S2S tunnel (1. Towards AWS cloud, 2. Towards different IP when BGP peer is down). 


So, My setup is like this.. 

Current setup:


core Switch --> Fortigate --> Internet cloud

<< Need a S2S tunnel here for AWS>>


Core Switch --> Fortigate ---> MPLS Router --> MPLS Cloud.

<< Need a S2S tunnel here for monitoring the BGP peer and using the back up link >>


Proposed setup:


Core Switch --> Fortigate --> MPLS Router ---> Internet & MPLS termination

<< Need 2 S2S tunnels built >> So, do i need to build them both from MPLS router or can i build one from Fortigate also.




I would like you to suggest how i should do these. Please let me know if there is any document i need to refer or any suggestion would do me a great help.


Thanks a lot. And am really sorry for troubling you.





VIP Advisor

Re: IPSLA between MPLS and S2S VPN

couple of questions.


BGP - you have your own AS number or you peering with iBGP with Service provider.

how is your connection with AWS ?


it is good practice to learn by making some simple network diagram and understand the flows.


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Re: IPSLA between MPLS and S2S VPN

So, here is the requirment exactly. 


We have our own AS number with Century link ISP. We are running BGP with the ISP Peer. ( this is on the ISR).

So, now am planning to migrate the Internet link to ISR. So, both MPLS and INTERNET are on the same router.

Once, this migration happens, i need to build a S2S tunnel towards the different BGP Peer or some ISP IP which they will provide me and make the MPLS as primary and the S2S as secondary link. So, i was thinking of using IPSLA between the MPLS and S2S VPN. 


Thats my thought. i never implemented it or tried it. So, am super confused on how to do all these.


Hope you can help me with suggestions.

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Re: IPSLA between MPLS and S2S VPN

You need start writing implementation plan and dependencies, Also Service outage.


Steps to follow  and roll back if any issue.


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