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ISDN PRI questions

Hello, forum, hope you can give us some guidance on two questions.

A) We are facing with the following situation. We have configured a PRI int for ISDN and we have defined about 9 dialer profiles. The physical interface is like:

interface Serial2/1:15

bandwidth 64

no ip address

encapsulation x25 dce

dialer pool-member 1

isdn switch-type primary-net5

(oh, yes, it is only for x25 calls).

A typical dialer is

int dialer 1

no ip address

encapsulation x25 dce

dialer pool 1

dialer caller xxxxxxxxxxx

dialer max-call 1

x25 htc 16

x25 ips 256

x25 ops 256

x25 facility packetsize 1024 1024

x25 subscribe packetsize permit 64 1024

bridge-group 10

We have defined the dialer caller so each time a remote site calls, the corresponding dialer profile is initiated.

The problem we are facing is that we can not have two remote points connected at the same time! Only one call works each time, even if the correct dialer is used. For example if remote site 5 calls, the int dialer 5 is used. If it is the remote site 8, it will use the int dialer 8. But the two of them together can not connect (only the first). Does this ring any bell? Any errors on config?

B) As you can see from the config, physical interface and dialer profiles all belong to pool 1.

Can I configure physical interface to belong to more than one pools? What I want to achive is this. If I could have let say physical interface on pool 1 and 2, then could I use two dialers on pool 2 bundled together so they can accept a 128Kbps isdn call?

Rising star

Re: ISDN PRI questions


Just a query, when we have many advanced features available on PPP, why you are still using X.25? I hope the same could be well avoided if you migrate from X.25 to PPP.


Wilson Samuel

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