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NAM not blocking Open networks

The built in windows supplicant has no issues blocking access to unauthenticated networks however I can not get NAM to do the same!


Users will not be able to add or modify networks in the NAM client so i have set up the only profile to be an authenticated network and did not choose the allow access even if EAP fails however I am able to plug into a guest network that does not do authentication and am able to get access! Anyconnect NAM even shows "connected" using my corporate profile in the NAM client and says Authentication Open yet the profile is setup as an Authenticating Network... I even went so far as to deselect Open wired connections in the Authentication Policy in the NAM yet it still seems to have no trouble connecting...


I am wanting to use EAP Chaining and it is working great thus the desire to use the NAM client rather than the windows native supplicant but this allowing connections to unauthenticated open networks is a show stopper!


Anyone ever run into any issue like this? Anyone have any thoughts?


Running AnyConnect with NAM module v4.6.04056 I also just tried v4.7.03052 with the same results.


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