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No Audio on either end Cisco Jabber for Windows over Cisco AnyConnect

Our telephony staff is replacing our aging/unsupported VoIP system with a Cisco system and as the network tech, I'm trying to get Jabber for Windows to work over our AnyConnect VPN client.  Jabber to Cisco phone and Jabber to Jabber calls work fine within our LAN.  

However, when I take a laptop to a separate internet connection and connect to the network via the VPN, I can't get any audio to pass across the system, in either direction.  If I call a phone on our LAN using the Jabber client (via AnyConnect), the phone rings and when I answer it, it's just dead air on both ends.  If I reverse the process, calling from the phone to the Jabber client, the same thing, Jabber client rings, but dead air both ways once I answer.  


Things I can do from the laptop over the VPN connection:

I'm able to get to the phone's web interface using that same laptop.

I can ping the phone as well.  In fact, the VPN profile I'm using has full access to the entire VoIP Vlan including all IP traffic (all ~65,000 ports).

Searching the address book also works fine.  I can search for staff and it's pulling directly from our Active Directory environment.


Is there any special settings on the firewall that I need to setup to allow the voice traffic (which I assume is RTP traffic)?  I tried to add a service policy for RTP traffic, but that didn't seem to work...unless I built it wrong.

Jabber for Windows - 10.6.0

Cisco Anyconnect - 3.1.06079

Cisco 5515-x ASA - 9.2

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I was able to resolve this on

I was able to resolve this on my own.  I thought that SIP traffic needed to be inspected via the global inspection policy in order for it to pass through the firewall. I ran into the same issue with ICMP traffic from an Anyconnect client to LAN devices. I had to enable ICMP in that policy for us to be able to ping LAN devices over the VPN tunnel. So when I saw that SIP was already being inspected by this policy, I moved on looking for other solutions. Then I stumbled deep within a Google search (almost hit the end of the Internet doing so) where someone mentioned that SIP shouldn’t be inspected by that policy. So I unchecked it and bam! Voice is now working over the anyconnect client to phones on the LAN. 

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