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Ask the Expert- SD-WAN


RVS4000 and QuickVPN


I have an RVS4000 with the lastest firmware update for it and I have been using Quickvpn to connect to the router from the internet. I can connect to the router just fine the software says I am connected and the vpn section in the router says online and connected. The problem is I can ping anything on the host network.

The host network the router is on is the subnet is

The remote network is the subnet is

Is there a way for the remote computer to get a host network ip (example instead of using the remote network ip?

The second question is where does the remote computers internet traffic go once it is connected to the host network? Say the person on the remote computer opens up a webpage, im client, teamspeak, etc. does that traffic route through the vpn and host network then to the internet or does still go straight to the internet from the pc as usaul?

If quickvpn doesn't allow you to see what is on the host network and connect to those resources then what software will allow me to do that with the RVS4000. This router works just fine for me but if I can't find a way to connect through the vpn to get to my network then I am going to put an ipcop box together and stop buying linksys routers.

Thank you for your help.