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Site to Site VPN between a Windows 7 machine and CISCO ASR 1000

I have a Windows 7 Machine which establishes a IKEv2 Machine certificate based remote access VPN with a Windows Server 2012. We are trying to replace the server with a CISCO ASR 1000 router. I am able to successfuly establish a remote access VPN with CISCO router. I would like to know if it is possible to make this remote access VPN work as a site to site VPN, i.e. machines connected behind Windows 7 can also access the network via VPN interface.

From Windows 7 side, it simply forwards all traffic to VPN interface as it is set as default gateway interface. It also receives Any traffic from this interface and forwards it to local clients. I can say this because we have prototyped this solution with a Windows Server 2012 already.

The current understanding is that this solution will not work with a CISCO ASR router because it will not map a subnet to IP tunnel in case of remote access VPN. Is there a way to make it work somehow?

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