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Site to Site VPN with PPoE on one end

I have a S2S VPN that I am trying to set up between our office in the US and our office in Ireland.  The ISP there is using PPoE and the IP is static, but is "being assigned" after authentication.

I don't even see that the two sites are making any attempt to negotiate the tunnel at this point, and so I am not sure if there is something that is off on my configuration for the PPoE, or if maybe it has something to do with the IP that I need to be using to establish the tunnel on their end because of the way that it is set up.

We have some variables that may be a part of the issue with the modem provided by the ISP that are in play, but basically, is there something that I need to be aware of with the IP that they are giving to use, and that should not be the termination point of the tunnel?  I have set up several S2S VPNs, but they have all been with dedicated bandwidth, and I am not 100% familiar with the PPoE setup and peer setup.

I have already checked the MTUs on the outside interfaces (1492) and am working to find out if the ISP is blocking the IPSec traffic in any way shape or form.  Any other hiccups that I need to be aware of?

Any help or tips would be appreciated.


Re: Site to Site VPN with PPoE on one end


You should be able to get the S2S VPN even if one side uses PPPoE.

You mentioned there's no attempt to bring the tunnel up, are you sure the VPN configuration is ok?

Do you get any output in the debugs for VPN?

Also are this ASAs or IOS?


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