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Soho 97 fixed IP routing

Hi Guys

I recently brought a SOHO 97 Router, This is connected to ADSL (WAN) and a Sonicwall firewall ethernet interface.

The Sonicwall is the VPN router/NAT and Firewall.

So the Router is set with no firewall and the LAN IP of the SOHO is set to one of the (4) fixed IP's the ISP provided with the ADSL.

The WAN port of the Firewall (Sonicwall X2) ethernet int is set to one of the other IP's the ISP provided, making a small LAN inbetween the router and Sonicwall.

The link works great from the LAN (192.168.0.n, LAN side of Sonicwall) the PC's and the server can get to the internet and retrieve pages no worries.

The Router is setup in PPPoA mode, no firewall, no DHCP and as far as I'm aware no NAT.

However, I can't access the WAN port of the Sonicwall, one of the ISP's static IP's. no ping or https access to the remote management of the Sonicwall and thus no VPN access.

I cant access the Router on the WAN IP either.. no login box appears unless I access it from LAN.

Bearing in mind I have this Router setup via the WEB interface - factory setup - out of the box, what would I have to do to allow access to the Sonicwall through the router.

Is there a DMZ I have to setup maybe or similar, I'm sure its simple, just cant see the wood for the trees.

I'm new to Cisco so simple to follow instructions would cool.

Thanks in advance



Re: Soho 97 fixed IP routing

Hi Jerry,

As you clarified, that you are also not able to access the Router on the WAN IP either, so if it is the Cisco Router, then follow these steps.

As a first step, if you are unable to (ping/ getting a host or network unreachable/not getting a reply from your IP address but from any other IP address in the ping reply), the global IP address (given to the Cisco router) from Internet(External Network), then you have to ensure the following steps:

a) When you run the command, show run from the CLI of Router, do ensure, you have the following line:

ip route

Do ensure to call up ISP for re-confirmation of this ISP gateway (This is very crucial, as sometimes ISP gives wrong/incorrect info).

b) If the Gateway is confirmed, then confirm the ISP, that if they have created a route for the IP address block given to you in their Router. Many a times if no specific route has been setup from ISP end, users can go from inside to outside, but they cannot come from outside to inside.

c) Also do ensure to confirm with your ISP that is there any type of routing like RIP, etc which needs to be put on Cisco SOHO router end. This is an optional step, but if the above two options do not work, this is the step which generally resolves this issue.

These are the standard steps, and if all is correct, then debugs will tell us exact issue.

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