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tftp on L2L VPN on ASA

                   Hi all,

I have L2L VPN between two location i need to run tftp on between the sites.

tftp Server -> ASA1 -----Internet ----- ASA2 -> tftp client

but i am not see the files on the server.

%ASA-session-7-609002: Teardown local-host inside:x.x.x.x duration 0:00:00, this is the error on the ASA.

i tried with inspecting tftp and without inspecting tftp...

tftp-server inside x.x.x.x / I have given below command as well.

from ASA2 I am able to tftp to other server on other vpn.

Thanks and regards

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Cisco Employee

tftp on L2L VPN on ASA

Do you have any access-list that might be preventing the access?

Also the tftp client subnet and tftp server subnet is part of the crypto ACL?


tftp on L2L VPN on ASA

permission has been given in ACL

the ip addres belong to intersting traffic

Cisco Employee

tftp on L2L VPN on ASA

Is the TFTP server allowed inbound connection to the host?

There could be a personal firewall on the server that prevents inbound connection.

tftp on L2L VPN on ASA


I have checked tht as well, there is no firewall, It is unix based system.

TFTP server == Unix

TFTP client == windows

Cisco Employee

tftp on L2L VPN on ASA

Does ping work between the 2 hosts? anything else work or only tftp doesn't work?

tftp on L2L VPN on ASA

I am able to ping the server from my client

Cisco Employee

tftp on L2L VPN on ASA

If you can ping the server from the client, that means there is no issue with the VPN tunnel. You might want to check the server itself.

Or try to run packet tracer on both ASA for tftp traffic and see if both passes fine. If they are fine, then it's definitely not the ASA.