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VPN Client and Windows 7 Issue

Using VPN Client, V5.0.07.0440 a Dell Vostro W7 Professional system, 64 bit. The client installs and runs the same way it has on at least 20 other systems without issue. When I try to remote into the network, I get a "can not connect" error attempting to connect to any system or server. I placed a known good laptop using XP on the same internet line, it connects without issue. The remote access (mstsc.exe) verson is 6.1.7601.17514 there is no Admin switch in the shortcut. This is the first time anything like this has happened, numerous W7 32 and 64 bit and XP systems. Any help greatly appreciated.


It's like the VPN connects to the network, but the remote access is not using the same connection. I get the same results whether the VPN Client is loaded or not.

Sure could use some help on this.


VPN Client and Windows 7 Issue

I see this was a waste of time, like so many of the questions posted here, unanswered.

Thanks anyway.

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VPN Client and Windows 7 Issue

Thank you for the patience and appreciation shown.



VPN Client and Windows 7 Issue

So, are you implying that I didn't have "patience and appreciation?" If so, please accept my apology. Apparently, I have a porblem that A: No one can answer or B: A problem that was not asked properly. It's just that after over 130 views I would think that someone would have responded with something. I use discussion groups whenever I have to and have had no problem getting help. Apparently not this time.


VPN Client and Windows 7 Issue


There isn't much information in your original post, so I'll ask a few more. What are you connecting to? A router or ASA? When you connect, can you ping anything (forget about RDP at the moment)? Are you using the onboard ethernet adapter, wireless, or is it using the onboard Gobi card (if it even has one)? Are you using the 64-bit client or, if connecting to an ASA, Anyconnect?


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VPN Client and Windows 7 Issue

The system that I am trying to connect with is a Dell Vostro desktop, W7 64bit Pro. I am attempting to connect to a Windows 2003 domain thru a PIX 501 firewall. The desktop system uses an onboard Ethernet adaptor connected to the Internet thru Charter. I do not have ready access to the computer as it's my employers home system. The frustrating thing is, I have installed and set this up on at least 30 other systems and all of them worked flawlessly. Of course, this one would be the problem as it belongs to my boss.

Thanks for responding, I plan on picking up the unit so I can devote some real time to fixing it.

Thanks again


VPN Client and Windows 7 Issue

I'd like to know that as well.  Are you able to ping the server via interal IP or server name?


Re: VPN Client and Windows 7 Issue

So the VPN client successfully connects to the pix? Are you able to ping the server?

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Good Morning, Thanks for the

Good Morning, 

Thanks for the information, I was able to correct the problem. Now if I connect from a wired or wireless router (wifi). 

However, it will not let me use a mobile device (or USB Mobile Phone). 

I appreciate your help !!