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VPN : Reason 442 - on Virtual Machine


I have an HP laptop with Windows 7 (64 bits) installed. And I learned that Cisco VPN client is not supported for this operating system. So, I set up a virtual machine using VMPlayer ( and installed Windows XP Professional (32 bits). I installed Cisco VPN Client, Release with success.

When I tried to login into a network I got an error "Reason 442: failed to enable virtual adapter". I searched about it and found this on Cisco site ( but I'm using Windows XP Professional and could not find the way to apply the solution provided (the solution is for Windows Vista).

I understand the problem is related to IP adresses but not getting a clue how to resolve it.

Please help me out over this.



Re: VPN : Reason 442 - on Virtual Machine

..I didn't know that it's so complex issue that no one responded. I believed Cisco community would be the best place to get the help.

Please respond.


Re: VPN : Reason 442 - on Virtual Machine

Cisco has released a 64-bit IPSec VPN client that is currently in 'beta' status. I believe this became available on or around Feb 18th. If you have a current support contract and a CCO you can download this client on the support site. It's available under the 5.x All Releases folder in the '5.BETA' directory. It's version 5.0.7. Remember, it *is* in beta status so results may vary.

Check this out:

The Cisco VPN Client for Windows Vista and Windows 7 does NOT support the following:

* System upgraded from Windows XP to Vista or Windows 7 (clean OS installation required).
* Start Before Logon
* Integrated Firewall - See workaround below.
* InstallShield
* AutoUpdate
* Translated Online Help - Provided only in English

The 442 error in your VM can be caused by many thingss, which is likely why you haven't received a quick response. Try the 64-bit client on the native host OS and see if you have better luck.



Re: VPN : Reason 442 - on Virtual Machine

Hopefully you have this issues resolved by now, but I'll respond in case anyone else runs

into this.  I had been getting the same error message while running the Cisco VPN client

versoin on Windows 7.  I found that by disabling (ICS) Internet Connection Sharing

it fixed the problem.

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