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VRRP config

I have configured one VPN concentrator for VRRP as role master,now i need to know, how to configure the backup, and how the configuration will replicate on backup, is everytime i need to update the modification of configuration on backup, right now backup is sharing address of master interfaces, both are pingable and accessible.

Please guide me how to configure it


Re: VRRP config

The Backup LAN-to-LAN feature lets you establish redundancy for your LAN-to-LAN connection. Unlike VRRP, which provides a failover for the VPN Concentrator, Backup LAN-to-LAN provides a failover for the connection itself. Although VRRP and Backup LAN-to-LAN are both ways of establishing continuity of service should a VPN Concentrator fail, Backup LAN-to-LAN provides certain advantages that VRRP does not.

"You can configure Backup LAN-to-LAN and load balancing on the same device, but you cannot configure VRRP and load balancing on the same VPN Concentrator.

"Redundant Backup LAN-to-LAN peers do not have to be located at the same site. VRRP backup peers cannot be geographically dispersed,


Re: VRRP config

Thanks for the reply, this is good option, but my lower level design says that i have to configure only VRRP not other option. I have configured the VRRP as the following link says but not getting the result even getting more confuse. Please see the link this is exactly what i did the configuration

Now both are acting as master and only one is responding, how to replicate the configuration on unresponding concentrator. Unable to understand. When i reboot the responding concentrator for the time being unresponded came up and when the rebooted comes back the current one again unavailable for me.

I will highly appreciate if u tell me how to configure the concentrator for VRRP. If anyone has configured in real enviroment, Please guide me.

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