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hi the best vpn software to



the best vpn software to be used for windows8 will be "schrew soft vpn clinet" for cisco based IPSEC remote access clients.

even you can import .pcf file into this software and it is free. there are 2 versions in that standard version is free and that is enough to work cisco vpn client.

dont try cisco vpn client software on windows 8 it is always issue. upto windows 7 it is perfect.

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I can't get Shrew Soft or

I can't get Shrew Soft or Cisco VPN Client working with Windows 8.1 and its updates as of Nov 4, 2014. I've tried all the tricks mentioned here and then some. I'm trying to connect to ProctorLabs to work on some CCIE labs. Unfortunately they only recommend the Cisco VPN Client or Shrew Soft, neither of which are supported on Windows 8.1. I'm not sure how they expect to get new customers relying on unsupported clients, but that is where I'm at. I'm now searching for a supported VPN client. TheGreenBow looks promising, but so far I can't get it to negotiate an L2TP connection with IPSec. No one seems to want to continue to support the same authentication mechanism employed for the Cisco VPN client. I'm at a dead end with ProctorLabs support as they ultimately directed me here. Does anyone else know of any other officially supported L2TP VPN client for Windows 8.1?