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Any connect was not able to establish a connection to the specified secure gateway and Win7


Hello ,

we have a couple of laptop running Win7 64bit where Cisco Anyconnect does not work. We always get this error :

"Any connect was not able to establish  a connection to the specified  secure gateway.Please try connecting again."
The same program , with the same user on the same model of laptop works fine , so I really understand where is the problem.
We tried several relases of the program : 2.2.2006 , 2.5.0217 and also 2.4.1012 , with the same result.
I really do not understand the reason of the error : do yo know if there is a way to check the error log of the program with more details about the error ? How can I have more details on the error ?
Thank you



Please check if there is any firewall or anti-virus running on your PC? Also see if the Anyconnect Vpn adapter gets enabled on your PC or not?

You can probably test with other PCs just to make sure it is not a PC issue. Have you tried the latest 2.5.2010 client?

Also the event viewer logs and DART might give you some details but I would suggest you open up a TAC case if you want to troubleshoot with those logs.

The same version of the program , on other pc ( same model , same os ) with the same users , works.

I did not try with 2.5.2010 client , I tried with 2.5.0217 maximum , but I could try.

Windows event viewer log does not contain anything useful.

Could you explain me what DART and TAC are ?

It could be some application on that particular PC which is causing the connection failure.Check for any messages below on the gui to see where is stops( you will get messages like downloading profile,activating vpn see after what message you get the error) A few other things you could try.

Test with the latest client 2.5.2010.

Uninstall the firewall and anti-virus and then connect and test.

Go to the ssl portal page( browser page) and try connecting using Anyconnect from there. If it works means that there is a problem with standalone client on that PC.

Collect DART logs. They are basically event logs collected by the client itself which will mostly likely provide the reason on the connection failure. You can see how to collect that here:

Also if you are not able to pinpoint to why the failure is occurring you could open up a case with the Cisco Technical Assistance centre (TAC) who can help you troubleshoot this further.


Disable internet connection sharing.

This, this this. A million times, this.

Disabling internet connection sharing worked.  Thanks !

Thank you! Been fighting this with my IT team for months.


On the ASA look for Configuration>Network(Client)Access>AnyConnect Client Profile> edit your profile and under windows stablishment VPN set it to Allow Remote Users.

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