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Anyconnect client authentication via RSA & yubikey on the ASA at the same time - how to configure the ASA, that the correct Connection profile is selected.

Hello all,

we currently use RSA SecurID tokens & client certificates for authentication in the vpn connection. Is there a possibility to use an additional authentication methods in an additional connection profile? Background of the question is that the RSA tokens should be replaced by yubikeys and for the time of the transition both rsa and yubikeys should be used with the ASA, The aaa server for the rsa is different from the aaa server (Duo) for the yubikeys. How to make the ASA choose the correct connection profile (the one with RSA or the one with yubikey)? It would be OK, if the user selects at his Anyconnect Client drop down menu, what client connection profile to use, eg. company_RSA or company_yubikey. Unfortunately the asa always goes for the connection profile (tunnel group) with rsa authentication, no matter what is selected in Anyconnect. (I guess first match first serve is the reason for that.)


So what i want to ask is how the ASA decides what connection profile (tunnel group) is used? If needed, i can provide some configs from the ASA.


There are about 20 connection profiles, 1 for each department of our company. The client presents a certificate to the ASA. So the ASA knows the connection profile that should be used for that client. All clients use the same url: https.//

My idea was to use an additional url: https.// So if the end user selects this in the drop down menu of the anyconnect client, the ASA use the correct profile for authentication against DUO. But it doesn't work as expected. Maybe i missed something in the config.

Thanks for the support.

Kind regards,


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