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AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client (3.0 and 3.1) Unable to connect

Zachary Bullough
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Peter Davis
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Your best bet is to install a properly trusted certificate on the head-end, this way there will be no invalid certificate dialogs to deal with.

This has nothing to do with the vpn server, and everything to do with the client. I get exactly the same behavior when connecting to various corporate VPNs that I have access to, all of which have valid and trusted certificates.

My certificate may not be from a trusted source, but it is NOT empty. There is something wrong with the client, as other people are able to connect fine.

Then uninstall the client completely and reinstall it.

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I have the same problem. Is working good on client AnyConnect MAC OS, Android, Iphone and Windows XP , but on Win7 don´t work. Do you have the fix for this issue?. I installed the ASA certified on Windows but the answer is the same: Warning: The following Certificate received from the Server could not be verified.

Win7, 64, AnyConnect 3.011042, ASA 5550, 8.4(7).

appreciate any help....




Just be careful about posting DART-Bundles. I examined that once and it turned out it had for example a complete list of all SSIDs and BSSIDs of hotel and customer's WLANs which I connected to in the last four (!!!) months, giving a detailed roaming profile. Also timestamps when I opened the lid of my notebook, traces and logs of other softwareinstallers and several sensitive details about my operating system. This is not what I would post in public and I would even hesitate to give that to Cisco support. Especially in these times...

I haven't examined the DART-Bundle of Windows so far but at least the OS X DART collects all sort of information which is completely irrelevant to Anyconnect issues and (funny enough) doesn't contain Anyconnect debug information.

Peter Davis
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The version you are using is approximately 1.5 years old and there have been a few dozen patch releases in between. Before doing any further troubleshooting, please try to upgrade to 3.1.05160 (the current release) and re-test. Once you have done that, if it is still failing, please generate a Diagnostics bundle and send it to so that we can investigate (or open up a TAC case for formal support).

Thank you for your answer. I changed the AnyConnection version to 3.1.05160 (the last version on client VPN and ASA image) and I try again but it is still failing. The app send me the next message:

"Connection Attempt failed. Please try again"

I will send you the DART Bundle file to I'll wait for your help.

Thank you again.

PSD, thank you for your valuable help. The problem was on ASA device, with a misconfigured encryption algorithms like you said . I had to configure on ASA device this command line: "ssl encryption  aes256-sha1 aes128-sha1 3des-sha1 des-sha1" and it worked. Thank you.

Hugo D.

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