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AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client with Oracle ESSO

Ondrej Lebl
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we are about to implement Oracle SSO for our client whose employees use Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client 3.0.5080 to access their internal network. The VPN access requires having the correct certificate installed on the client computers and users are required to enter their credentials (the same credentials that are stored in MS AD). All the client computers run Win 7.

Now - what we want to achieve is following: A client's employee logs into a domain, using domain account and starts the Cisco AnyConnect. The best option would be that the Oracle SSO would take it from here and do the rest in setting up the VPN connection - confirming the pre-selected profile, clicking the connect button, then filling the user credentials (from Oracle SSO database) in and confirming the dialog. Or, which is probably more viable way - the user will start AnyConnect, selecting which network to login in and the SSO will only enter the credentials and submit them to establish the connection.

So far we have been able to create templates for Oracle SSO to automatically enter the credentials for various applications, including SAP, but we are not able to create working template for AnyConnect. We are able to catch all the fields in the login window - Username, Password, Ok/Submit - when creating the template in ESSO-LM Admin Console but once the template is published to the repository and added to the test user in ESSO-PG, the SSO does not fill the credentials in. We also tried to "bypass this" using SendKeys with no result as well. All other applikcatios work.

Do you have any experience with such situation or have any hints what can we try?

Thank you for any answers,


PS: I have found Is it really that the AnyConnect does not allow any application any input?

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