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anyconnect vpn filter and DAP issue

Hi All,


Setup an anyconnect vpn which works properly. i.e users get authenticated via AD Server and then vpn connection establish. Now i want to achieve granular access on group-policy base.


Example : created two group-policy name noaccess and vpnusers. Basically i want my users connecting to noaccess Group-policy can access and users connecting to vpnusers group-policy can access


So for same i have created vpn-filter and assign it to respective group. But now i have achieve granularity on group-policy base access but user are not able to access internet, Same when i remove this vpn-filter internet is accessible to users.


Any idea how to tackle this issue. 


Also observed one weird thing is if i checkmark "Terminate" in DAP DefaultAccesspolicy then my users wont able to connect to anyconnect vpn giving error "you environment does not meet the access criteria defined by yout


Attaching vpn filter configuration and DAP if its helps.

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