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ASA radius authentication and other question

I have two questions

one: I am using MS IAS(radius) to authenticate VPN users. However, I am not able to get it to work when I check the message authenticator box in IAS. I have made sure the key is correct in IAS and the ASA. It works fine if I do not check this box, but I would like to be able to run with the security of having that key. I am running 8.04-23 on the ASA, and Server 2003 Sp2 on the IAS side.

Also, for local users on the ASA, what is the difference between the memberof attribute vs teh vpn-group-policy?

Ivan Martinon
Rising star

Can you explain what does this feature you are checking does? so that we can know whether the asa is compatible with it or not?

For local users memberOf attribute is for administration purposes, whereas group-policy will only affect vpn connections.

The checkbox in IAS is for an additional level of security, authenticating the connection from the ASA to radius based on the preshared key as well as IP address. for the memberof thing, thanks for clearing that up. I am curious if the memberof can also impact VPN or is it just for other purposes only?

Got you, well I have been looking on the command reference and have not found any command under the aaa-server mode nor a radius global radius command that will perform the md5 hash that the feature expects therefore I assume it is not supported, you might want to get clarification from TAC as if this is true or not. As for the memberOf values these are only for Administration of the ASA and not like the ones LDAP sends back.

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