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Hi Everyone,need to confirm if reverse route injection is only used for Site to site VPN?Also say we have two sites using site to site vpnSite A                                                         Site BPrivate IP                                 ...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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This is my first post, hope you ca help me with a very frustrating situation. At first look you would think that this issue would be easy to resolve, but it is causing me no end of frustration. I am trying remotely (logmein) to install a vpn client 6...

Hello Guys,I have an ASA 5505 with two tunnels, one Site-to-Site (between two ASA 5505), and also I added a VPN for remote access using the Cisco VPN Cient. The thing that I discovered is that the connection Site-to-Site, I can reach hosts from the L...

On one of our 5510 ASA we have approx 90 VPN site to site tunnels. The site ends terminates to Sonicwall devices. We are having issues with 2 tunnels that work and then for no reason data stops, as if the tunnel has dropped, but the monitor on the AS...

Here is my topologyvpn client (10.10.30.xx)-------------CiscoISA500 Firewall-----------L3 Switch----------192.168.10.xx and Static Route to 192.168.20.xx (Site B thruh P2P T1 connection)Here is the problemClient can connect to ipsec vpn without any p...

Amit V by Level 1
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All,I am have having an issue in which my Anyconnect clients are connecting to the VPN using SSLVPN instead of IPsec(IKEv2).  I have a check box on Enable IPsec(IKEv2) client protocol and have the check box cleared on Enable SSL VPN client protocol. ...

wngwngwng by Level 1
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Hi,I'm trying to setup a VPN Site-To-Site implementing Crypto-Map Dynamic because i have a scenario where one endpoint have a public ip address but the other one is behind a NAT from an AT&T DSL router.When i try to establish the Tunnel, it starts th...

I am currently having an issue with two ASA 5505s.  One would be representing a Central office for a small business operating a L2L IPsec VPN using a dynamic map for a remote site that does not have a static IP address.I stripped the configuration do...

Hi,I am trying to connect to VPN using cisco VPN client , i have entered ip address and port no in the hostname with username and password but when i try to connect it immediately gives the error "secure VPN connection terminated by client , Error 42...

aryarahul by Level 1
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