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                   I need someone to help me understand something. I have read several sources and they appear to state that this command has changed over the ASA versions so now I have no real idea if it works as I think.    I am using QOS over ASA ...

gp1200x by Explorer
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We have an ASA5520 in our data center and an RV180 in our branch office.  The tunnel between the two comes up but periodically, about every 2-3 days, it times out and won't come back without a hard reset.  Sometimes it does this in the middle of the ...

suelange by Beginner
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We have SBL working with a basic XML script.  The user authenticates via SBL w/AnyConnect which is already connected to their AD accounts, then the user is able to login to the domain using his/her domain login creds again..My question is, is there a...

Tom K by Beginner
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So, I have a site-to-site tunnel, and I'm trying to verify end-to-end connectivity.On the Initiating Side - SiteA, I can see this traffic hitting the internal interface on the local router, and I can see traffic hitting the Crypto ACL,on the same rou...

Hello,I'm new to this version of ASDM / CLI ASA 9.1(3) ASDM 7.1(4)I'm currently running TWO 5512x. They are connected through VPN. NETWORK_OBJ_192.168.42.0_24: / 24Filmtrack-Dev: / 24AWSV: /16RSORD: / ...

SyITec001 by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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I am using LDAP on my ASA and DAP, to assign VPN users from different AD group with different network access.  But now my LDAP server is about to be decommissioned, and I only can get a Radius server in replacment.  So, can I use Radius like I used L...

Hello,I've got two sites connected to each other using Cisco ASA 5505's and an IP sec tunnel. A little diagram of the setup:[ASA 5505] --- 50Mb u/d pipe ---> [Internet] <----- 45Mb u/d pipe ---- [ASA5505][Hou]                                         ...

rgeist554 by Beginner
  • 8 replies
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Hello,I've got two sites using ASA 5505's connected with an IPsec tunnel.Site 1 has a 50Mb symmetrical pipeSite 2 has a 45Mb symmetrical pipeSite 1 has normal access speeds and contains all of the servers, etc.Site 2 accesses all of the resources fro...

rgeist554 by Beginner
  • 6 replies
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Hi i have a RV042 vpn router. I want to connect to it through Quick VPN.I made an account under "VPN Client Access" tab and activated it. I Unblocked the WAN Requests. My port 500 isnt blocked. Ping requests are ok. When i try to connect from my Wind...

HiIm working with a 3rd party trying to establish a vpn. They are using a 2801 router which can do security and vpn. i terminat the vpns on a cisco asa 5520We have got to a point where when they run an automated test, the tunnel comes up, I can see i...

mickyq by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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I am using RV110W and trying to connect vpn client but it's not working giving below errors when checked logs, even normal VPN is not working, Please help.....I have attached the log file as well.....  2012/01/14 18:37:27 [WARNING]Server's certificat...

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