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Hi All,We have a simple remote access vpn configured in cisco asa firewall ASA 5580-20 with code 8.2.5.Randomly or once in a while all the remote users are unable to ping/telnet/access the resources through the asa, though they are able to establish ...

secureIT by Enthusiast
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Does anyone know the reason why "sh ru" doesn not work?I keep getting an % ambiguous command error. using the sh ru command on all other cisco devices works fine.....just not my router. I've attached a screenshot.         

adammucci by Beginner
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I have an ASA5510 ver 8.2(1)1I have configured two anyconnect VPNS. I have enabled both clientless and svc mode on both. The clientless works. They can conenct to the webpage and access plugins and access hosts on the internal network.however the sof...

Having issues with a router that I took over management of from another tech who liked to use SDM to make his config files. Here is what I am trying to accomplish:The VPN parameters are as follows: Peer IP: 174.XXX.XXX.1 Remote Network: 174.XXX.XXX.1...

Hi there,Should we worry about the the security on router-to-router VPN over internet (IPSec) ?We have two offices.Office A has Cisco 2811 router (internal, private) and ASA 5510 firewall.Office B has Cisco 2821 router (internal, private) and ASA 550...

andyaoyao by Beginner
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Guys,I have a query about the setup for this. I have been following this procedure below. My asa is on version 8.2(5) and the anyconnect is version 3. The CA i am using is Windows server 2008. I have been testing with a Sub CAhttp://www.cisco.com/en/...

HelloTrying to configure VPN access via radius on ASA 5505Trying to test authentication, but geting an errror see belowThanks aaa-server RADIUS protocol radiusaaa-server RADIUS (inside) host x.x.x.x key ***** radius-common-pw *****aaa-server TACACS+ ...

Hi All,We have a customer who has an ASA at head office and they want to limit bandwidth available to their remote users who login using the any connect client. We are considering a simple QoS policing policy which may work, but does anyone have a be...

veltech by Beginner
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Hi,I currently have an ASA configured for remote access VPNs, with people using the cisco vpn client. I now have anyconnect licensing and want to run alongside another remote access vpn using the anyconnect client. I don't want to cause any problems ...

GRANT3779 by Spotlight
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Hello, i´ve troubles getting this to work:Location AASA5505 ( Server (VPN Pool B878w ( A and B is a site to site VPN (both devices are behind a provider gateway, i´ve set up static route...

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