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Resolved! RV042G Gateway to gateway configuration

      I've setup a gateway to gateway using an RV042G. The routers connect, I can access the remote router, but cannot acces any server ( w2000 SBS) shares on the remote network. Do I need to modify the server firewall, etc?             

shewman01 by Beginner
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RV016 to RV042G with Dynamic IP?

2 sites, A and B wanting to create a VPN Tunnel betweenSite A has static IP on Broadband Router with an RV016, static translations and port forwarding will all be done at this side.Site B has dynamic IP on Broadband Router with an RV042G. Site B's br...

Cisco EasyVPN Client Internet Access

Hi,I have a Cisco 887 which has been configured mainly using CCP, I have managed to setup a basic configuration with a firewall and now a VPN. I can get clients to VPN into the office and access the local LAN resources. From what I've read I am not u...

Two RV042 VPN setup

We are a small business in Indiana and have someone in Idaho connected to us via VPN that does freelance graphic design for us.  She is currently connected to us via a VPN on two Linksys WRV54g routers but our connection is dropped constantly.  I hav...

John10Yes by Beginner
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ASA 5505 ''IPSec Hybrid RSA"

This inquiry is regarding the compatibility between the ASA 5505 and Android's Native VPN client connection type 'IPSec Hybrid RSA.' Are they compatible or officially supported? Has anyone managed to configure this type of VPN connection on the ASA?

willmac29 by Beginner
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Resolved! issue opening website with webvpn

I have clientless webvpn configured on my ASA5505.Most website can be opend when using Webvpn. But when i open a website, like youtube/google, i get the message "Connection failed     Server   - youtube.com -    unavailable."When i open the website o...

Log file for VPN.

Hello Expert,We need to provide VPN logfile for audit purposes.  Is it possible to provide their traffic logs via VPN?VPN' are terminated on Cisco ASA. It is configured with SNMP server.So how can i proide a log file to them via SNMP/ Wireshark. help...

can't RDP to branch server

Dear all,here's the scenarios. 1) I have a branch site with multiple public IP2) one of the server need to be access from other branch as well (VPN tunnel established)3) its a cisco router!interface FastEthernet0/0 description outside ip address x.x....

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