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ASA 8.6 vpn tunnel to ASA 7.0

Currently, I have several vpn tunnels connected to the ASA 7.0 firewall.  I just received a new firewall that is running ASA 8.6 and after using the connection wizards for site-to-site VPN on both firewalls, the connection was never made.  I have tri...

hancock34 by Beginner
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AnyConnect client's can't access internet

I'm trying to configure AnyConnect VPN, but I can't figure 2 two things;1. In the AnyConnect profile all traffic is tunneled, unfortunately the clients aren't able to connect to the ASA nor to internet.2. Clients connected to the SplitTunnel profile ...

Post AnyConnect VPN Alert Message

I have an ASA 5510 SSL VPN appliance.Everytime a user gets authenticated and logs in via the AnyConnect client, they receive the following message post login:Security policies were applied to your session, access to some resources may be blocked. You...

mgstech188 by Beginner
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ASA 5505 Site-to-Site VPN to remote dmz access

I don't have a ton of experience with ASA firewalls, but I've searched everywhere and I can't seem to find a solution to this. I have 2 sites connected by a Site-to-Site VPN with ASAs (5540 on Site 1, 5505 on Site 2). I'm using ASDM.Lets call:Site 1 ...

Segregate calls based on incoming signals

We use 1 PRI line for voucher transactions. The current setup is whenever a POS(Point of Sale) terminal connects to the PRI, its routed to an application server via a Cisco Access Server. Is it possible to connect another application server through t...

sajin9231 by Beginner
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Cisco ASA 5510 to SonicWall NSA 220 VPN

Hi Everyone,I'm not much of a cisco person as my company deals exclusively with SonicWall, anywho, I have a client who happens to have an ASA 5510 and I'm attempting to setup a Site to Site VPN connection between the 2. On the SonicWall side there ar...

Adam Creig by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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VPN concentrator reboot reason?

Hi Team,All of sudden my VPN concentrator 3030 rebooted, there was no power interruption, i am not able to find any logs of last reboot reason, just like we use to have in routers, so that it can be concluded if it was software crash or power issues....

Site to Site VPN with NAT for specific hosts

I have probably been staring at this too long and I am therefore missing something.I have a requirement for a VPN tunnel to another vendor, but this tunnel is only going to allow for three internal LAN hosts to have access in to the vendor's network....

pjkexpert by Beginner
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PIV card access for RDP

       Has anyone been able to get PIV cards working using the RDP plugin.   MY termoinal servers and destops only propmt for username and password when using the bookmarks.

gmoran by Beginner
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IKE Aggressive mode vulnerability

Hello All,I am currently working on a project to remove security vulnerability present in the network due to IKE Aggressive mode. Below is my understanding:1. In aggressive mode, initiator and responder IDs are sent in clear text, as against main mod...

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