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Split Tunnel on Easy VPN Client

Hello All,Is it possible with ASAVPNSERVER 5520 and an EasyVPN 5505 Client to have the client do split tunnel to a single public IP address?  Both devices are on 8.2(5) 33.  Could you possible provide sample config for split tunnel?Thank you,Raun

ASA as just a VPN server

I've attached a crude diagram of what I'm trying to accomplish. I want to use an ASA 5505 behind another firewall as just an AnyConnect VPN server. I don't want the ASA doing any routing/firewalling/NATing/DHCPing/etc. In my mind, I feel like I shoul...

Migration cisco concentrator to ASA

Hi,we want to migrate from concentrator to ASA.I know that there was a cisco internal tool to adapt the concentrator configuration.Is this tool still internal or could it be downloaded somewhere?Thanks for your help.

m.feuerer by Beginner
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DMVPN working with static IPSEC GRE simultaneously

I have a DMVPN working between multiple spokes and a hub. All routers are using IOS 15+. The hub is behind a static IP while the spokes are on DHCP IP on the internet.  The DMVPN works well, but in order to send multicast traffic between spokes, I wa...

nicblais1 by Beginner
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authentication aaa certificate question

I have tunnel-group configured with "authentication aaa certificate", when Client is trying connected and failed due to "No valid certificate available for authentication", I would expect the connection will be terminated but for some reasons it give...

TCAM by Beginner
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Can't reach VPN Sub-Sub Net

Hello. I have a configuration like the next diagram:The FW is Linux Firewall. The IPsec tunnel is working, I can ping PC2 from PC1 and viceversa. I also can ping PC0 from PC1 thanks to a Firewall rule and an static route in Router1 that tells the rou...

Resolved! IPSec Tunnel Random Packet Drops

Hi experts,I'm trying to troubleshoot a random packet drop issue for an IPSec tunnel between two VTIs. For over a month, we didn't see any issue, and starting today, we have up to 30% packet loss across an IPSec tunnel.After some analysis, I conclude...

Resolved! Unable to connect to remote IPSec vpn (error 412)

Hello,Trying to setup IPSec vpn connection but getting error 412: The remote peer is no longer responding.Cisco router is directly connected to the internet using the dialer interface.So far I have tried the following;Disabled Windows FirewallTicket ...

Site to Site VPN debug help

I did a site-to-site VPN that worked for about a week and won't come back up. Can anyone spot the problem? Its an IOS router on one side, and an ASA on the other. There are 5 VPN's on the box, the others are working fine. I tried to isolate the comma...

IOS Firewall Cisco VPN Client

Hi,I have configured my IOS firewall for vpn client connectivity, but i cannot connect. User get authernticated and the Cisco VPN client shows "Negotiating Security Policies" and then Not connected. I have set this up many times with success but runn...

VPN and certificate revocation

Hi, we have setup a VPN AnyConnect profile to work with Maas360 as our MDM solution. Also, we are providing wifi for our employee to use with mobile devices. We are using certification for authentication devices for both wifi access and VPN access. C...

endpoint by Beginner
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