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Hey guys,Can a profile be created so that when the user connects instead of seeing a drop down list to choose a profile they are prompted to a specific profile with no ability to choose?Thanks MP

Dears,I have a router and behind it I have ASA5510.I configured site to site VPN on the router and it is working without any issues.After that I configured remote Access VPN on the router and I connect by the vpn client but I can't anything in the in...

Hi guys, I need some help to fix a issue i got.Here is the topology, i hope you can see what is says.I got lan-to-lan VPN from ASA #1 to PIX #3 and ASA #2Now we need to get access from ASA #2 to PIX #3 network.How do i fix this in the easiest way. We...

Can I use a single ASA (55XX) with a single public IP address but connect to different internal networks based on the user or certificateI have 3 CUCM clusters and want to offer VPN access to each cluster for several different customers but only use ...

Ian Jones by Level 1
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folksi have an asa 5540 (8.4) being used to terminate ssl vpn connectionsthe appliance is used as a local ca and issues certificates to remote users and these are then used as part of the authentication processi now have a requirement to replace the ...

Hi,we are looking at migrating our remote access users from the traditional Cisco IPSEC VPN Client to the AnyConnect client and we are currently testing things out with AnyConnect.We use RSA software tokens for authenticating our remote users.  With ...

mitchen by Level 2
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Hello guys,Need some help since i am going crazy trying to finish a lab for my CCNA-S exam.I am trying to establish a VPN using 3 routers.SiteASiteBand ISP as the router in between simulating the internet.Router SiteA can ping SiteB external ip and v...

nemiath76 by Level 1
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Hello again,can you please answer me some questions that have burned my head these days 1.Can i connect ASA5505 to a WRT54GL router in a VPN tunnel so that the WRT54GL is the endpoint that connects to the ASA?2.If yes can you tell me please what firm...

Hi Everyone,Need to understand the output below3550SMIA#                             sh crypto isakmp policyGlobal IKE policyProtection suite of priority 50        encryption algorithm:   AES - Advanced Encryption Standard (128 bit keys).        hash...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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I'm looking to build out a cloud environment with a vendor, and need a site-to-site VPN to be established between the vendor's environment and my environment. Since I am using a Cisco ASA 5510, they have suggested the use of the software-based Sophos...

gnurph69 by Level 1
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