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Anyconnect Group Selection

I have created two groups for my Anyconnect clients. I am using NT Domain authentication, but I want to know if it is possible to force an Anyconnect group to a user thats part of a certain OU in AD? For instance the IT group would get a group called...

AnyConnect mobile license

HiI have ASA 5505 (8.4)I set up SSL AnyConnect VPN. I am able to connect from PC and MAC desktop computers using AnyConnect client but when I try use mobile device I am receiving error.Do I need buy the L-ASA-AC-M-5505=license?I see in description Pl...

VPN connection details.

Hello ExpertsHow can we check how many VPN/Telnet/SSH conections are currently connected to the router? How can  we disconnect the vpn from the router?Commands other than sh crypto ...sh aaa ......Is there any other commands which allows us to see th...

QoS qualification for passing various traffic/services in one Point-to-Point GRE Tunnel over IPSEC

Hi Guys,I need your advices regarding our topology network plan, hope someone could give me an effective advice/solution to work around this for passing a smooth flow over one tunnel interface into our remote branch. Ok here it is, we're planning to ...

nOosadz88 by Beginner
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Access Server 2511 can't access Routers & Switch

Hi,i recently bought Cisco Routers, Switch, Access Server and Frame-relay for my CCNP home lab, but problem is that my Access Server 2511 can't connect to any other devices like router or switch, i have configure "loopback" than setup "ip h...

eorasoft by Beginner
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Resolved! Licensing Headache

My current ASA 5525-X is licensed with Anyconnect premium = 2 and 750 "Other VPN" What does other mean? Also does this mean that only two clients with Anyconnect can use the ASA for VPN? Or is Premium different than Anyconnect alone?          

Resolved! SHA version supported on Cisco IOS

Guys,What is the SHA version that we support on Cisco IOS VPN capable devices? Configurations options just say SHA..I would apreciate if you could also point me to a cisco document to support your theory as customer would require this..Thanks in adva...

sjhamb by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! Static Route to vendor site

Cisco 891 router      gateway  (Route1)Vendor T1               gateway    Destination =  63.XX.XX.0This command created a route that works fine. Router1(config)#ip route 63.XX.XX.0 route...

frost by Beginner
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Can Some one help on the below VPN Issue, I can see tunnel is up but interesting traffic is not passing through.

Hi, Below is the debug output. Mar 20 17:20:15.979: del_node src X.X.X.X:500 dst X.X.X.X:500 fvrf 0x0, ivrf 0x0 *Mar 20 17:20:15.983: ISAKMP:(1001):peer does not do paranoid keepalives. *Mar 20 17:20:15.983: ISAKMP:(1001):deleting SA reason "Death b...

Problem with ssh plugin on ASA WebPortal

Hi, i've got up and running a webportal on my asa 5520 os 8.2.5 and but i can not make the ssh plugin ver ssh-plugin.111006 work, all of the others work well, no matter what web browser i use always fail, I even upgraded to the version ssh-plugin.120...

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