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ASA 5505 Certificate Suport

I am trying to bring an asa 5505 into my PKI network.  My CA uses ECC instead of RSA.  ASDM will let me import RSA root certs, but it will not let me import ECC Root certs.Can someone confirm if there is an update to the ASA which will allow me to im...

AnyConnect - Secure Gateway problem

Hi,I have configured anyconnect on ASA firewall but I'm unable to connect, I can access the web page SSL VPN, but when I try to connect via the anyconnect vpn software downloaded from the ASA itself I am experiencing the attached error.I've checked t...

Need help setting up a VPN

Hello,I have a cisco 881w and a cisco RV215w and i need to set up a vpn between the two of them. The 881w has a static IP addresss and the RV215w does not. Any ideas about how to go about this?

tim dyck by Beginner
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IPSec Tunnel Help

Hello,Recently we upgraded to a Cisco ASA 5512-X with an IPS license. I spent the weekend configuring it, there is one thing I cannot get to work correctly and that is a new IPSec connection from our firewall to the firewall of a supplier which was t...

L2L on separate interfaces

Is it possible to have different crypto maps on different interfaces?  We have 2 ISPs. I am not looking to do failover just have each of our 2 branch offices connect on separate interfaces.5510 with Sec+  E0/0 10Mb, E0/3 10Mb   Each branch has 5505 w...

Cybervex3 by Beginner
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AnyConnect - client XML

hi all,one of request made by my customer was to automate the AnyConnect cline to use the LocalLAN access per xml profile.at the moment it works if he activate it manually. he is trying to achieve this automatically via the XML profile so that the cl...

Enabling AnyConnect

At the moment users have two ways of accessing our network, one is using the Windows VPN clinet, the other via the portal using httpsI'm interested to look at other, more universal ways for people to work with tablets, etc and would like to know whet...

Small Office Recommendation

Hi Experts,May I ask for your recmmendation, on what type of equipment should I use in a Small Office probably around 50-100 users.Feature sets that I would want are: VPN - 5 VPN Peers for L2L connectivity and 50 SSL VPN connections, Firewall, Active...

Very s-l-o-w VPN at night

OK, I'm not a tech guy so please bear with me.I'm using a Windows Vista Business PC with VPN client to access a corporate network via Comcast cable. When I'm off the VPN, my Speedtest.net speeds are 20+ MB. When I get on the VPN in the morning, I get...

sduraybito by Beginner
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Windows 8 VPN Client

I am with a state agency and in the process of evaluating some Windows 8 tablet PC's for deployment to our agency. I am trying to use VPN, however I understand that there is no VPN Client for Windows 8 32bit or 64bit. Is this correct? If so, is there...

ghanson890 by Beginner
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