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Remote access ASA 5520

   Hi,I am losing my mind why I can't get the remote access with the client to work. It never gets past phase 1. The clientless SSL vpn works fine. Please help.ASA Version 8.2(5) !hostname Lab-ASA-2!interface GigabitEthernet0/0nameif outsidesecurity-...

VPN Clients cannot access remote site

Hey there,I am pretty new in configuring Cisco devices and now I need some help.I have 2 site here:site ACisco 891external IP: 195.xxx.yyy.zzzVPN Gateway for Remote userslocal IP: VLAN10 /23site BCisco 891external IP: 62.xxx.yyy.zzzlocal ...

bigboss26 by Beginner
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site to site vpn with modem in front of router

hi friends:i have a dsl modem connected in front of my cisco router, modem do nating and dhcp. the fast ethernet port have a public ip as it is connected to switch port of the modem. i want to establish site to site vpn on cisco router. my question i...

Easy VPN DNS issue

I have an ASA running as an EasyVPN endpoint and it's having DNS issues.I provide the 5505 with 2 dns servers using Group Policy from the main server (5550) and it works just fine.  But, if I shut down the primary DNS server, it doesn't start using t...

ddoug4423 by Beginner
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ASA VPN Problem

Hi,i have a small problem: i want to create a ASA remote acces VPN to my site, the schema is as the following:ISP---} Internet Router 2800 ----} Edge SW(2960G) ------} ASA(5540) -----} Core SW (6513E)ConfigurationInternet Router Outside Interface : R...

Resolved! Please help regarding configuring IOS-CA

R4 is my CA-server ...while R5 is my ca-client...while r5 requesting certificate from R4 getting the following error:R5(config)#crypto pki authenticate IOS-CA% Error in receiving Certificate Authority certificate: status = FAIL, cert length = 0R5(con...

ASA - Checkpoint VPN Site to Site Problem

Hello There, my best wishes to all of you.I have this scenario:ServerA(FTP)----DMZ-------ASA_Site1-----------------------Cloud---------------------------Checkpoint1_Site2-------Checkpoint2_Site2---------Inside-----ServerB(FTP)We are trying to establi...

Site-to-site VPN usage

HiWhat command can I use to get information about my site2site VPN?Currently I only use the following commands which are not reveal Too much info:show crypto isakmp sashow crypto ipsec saRegardsSiavashSent from Cisco Technical Support Android App

Remote access VPN on ASA5510

Hi All, Am very new to ASA, and am learning on how to configure simple VPN access for a user to login to the corporate network and access the resource and get emails I do not want to use CA certificate for authentication instead a very simple method ...

Best way to connect a remote site

Hello,For my rescue team, I am looking up setting a VPN using ASA 5505s so we can connect a mobile network of computers to our base network of computers. The base network has a static public IP address, but the mobile site will not. I was thinking of...

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